Clay County Public Library

614 Main St.  Po Box 60  

 Clay, West Virginia 25043


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Clay County Public Library

614 Main Street

PO Box 60

Clay, WV  25043




History of County

History of Library

Policies of the Library:


I.                               Objectives

II.                             Financial Support

III.                          Services of the Library

IV.                          Meeting Room

V.                            Problem Patrons and Complaints (Patron Review Request)

VI.                          Sunshine Law

VII.                       Overdue Items

VIII.                     Interlibrary Loans

IX.                          Days and Hours of Operation

X.                            Powers and Duties of Head Librarian

XI.                          Responsibility

XII.                       Personnel Policy

XIII.                     Probation and Termination

XIV.                    Holidays

XV.                       Annual Vacation

XVI.                    Sick Leave

XVII.                  Volunteers

XVIII.               Revisions

XIX.                    By-Laws of the Library



      It is the purpose of the Clay County Library to provide library services to the citizens of Clay County, realizing that in the strictest sense, a County Library when it offers and extension service, such as branches or bookmobile.

      We recognize the importance of goal-setting to meet the needs of a growing, changing organization, and pledge to constantly seek viable means of realizing this end.  We understand that successful planning involves both long and short-term objectives.

      We acknowledge our function is to serve the educational, cultural, informational, and recreational needs of this county and its borders.

      To this end we pledge our minds and the resources available to a public library.  We further pledge to cultivate good relations between the Library and its public by maintaining good service, publicity, and a sensitivity to the needs and wants of its users.

History of County


      Clay County is comprised mostly of rural inhabitants.  The County seat of government is located in the Town of Clay.  There are many villages, but only one incorporated town; namely, Clay.

      Clay County has a reasonable wealth of natural resources, such as timber, coal, oil, gas, and also great potential for recreational facilities through development of it�s rivers, streams, and mountainous views.

      Presently the County has a short railroad running from Dundon to Taylor Fork, a tributary of Buffalo Creek.  The Chessie Railroad also has a spur track running from Gassaway to Dundon.  Neither of these lines are presently in use and are not receiving maintenance.

      Clay County is the home of the world-famous Golden Delicious apple.  A yearly festival is held to celebrate this called the Clay County Golden Delicious Festival.

      Most of the citizens receive their livelihood by working in timber cutting, saw milling, coal mining, and oil and gas drilling and maintenance.  Many are also employed by County government and the Board of Education.

      A large percentage of Clay�s approximate 11,000 population is elderly and retired.


History of the Library


      The Clay County Library was established in 1961 in accordance with the provisions of the West Virginia Code, as amended by the Legislature.

      This Library was organized to conform to the requirements of the County of Clay and the State of West Virginia and is entitled to financial support from public funds as appropriated by the Legislature, and other County and Federal funds.

      We will be guided by the West Virginia Code and administrative regulations of the West Virginia Library Commission.  

Policies of the Clay County Library


I.                    Objectives of the Library

The objectives of the Clay County Public Library will generally be:

A.    To assemble, preserves, and administer a collection of books and recreational material in an organized manner in order to promote the communication of ideas that may enlighten and enrich the personal lives of the people of Clay County.

B.     To be a source of reliable information for the County.

C.    To support educational, civic and cultural activities of the County.

D.    To provide opportunity for continuous education for men, women, and children.

E.     To seek continually to identify community needs and provide programs to meet these needs.

II.                 Financial Support of the Library

The adequate funding of a library is probably the most important responsibility that a trustee will have.  Without funding there would be no library.

As a true County Public Library, the four major sources of library income are:

1.                  Local Government Funds

2.                  State Funds

3.                  Federal Funds

4.                  Private Contributions.

Local Funding is extremely important, and the sources from local government are the County Commission, the Board of Education, and the City.

Other sources are endowments, gifts, Friends of the Library, memorials, book sales, local businesses, and personal contacts in the community.  When, or if, all of these fail, a reworking of the budget with necessary adjustments must be a last resort.  Then Keep On Trying!

III.               Services of the Library

A.    Select and organize for easy access those books and materials which best meet the needs of the County.

B.     Provide information and materials to help people increase their appreciation and understanding of literature.

C.    Promote interest in the arts, sciences, and the natural world.

D.    Initiate programs to stimulate the use of library materials by all ages.

E.     Seek to secure information beyond its own resources through other agencies and organizations.

F.     Borrow materials for patrons where demand does not justify purchase.

G.    Lend materials for the same reasons, reserving priority for its own patrons.

H.    Cooperate with school and other community outlets by endeavoring to maintain a balance in its services to men, women, young people, and children.

I.       Furnish materials which will meet high standards in content and format.

J.       Lend for home use all materials except rare and fragile items which cannot be duplicated.

K.    Subscribe to the Library Bill of Rights as adopted June 18, 2948 and amended February 2, 1961 and June 27, 1967 by the American Library Association Council.

L.     Seek to provide material presenting all points of view concerning the problems and issues of our time.

M.   Resist censorship of books by arbiters seeking to coerce by political, moral, or other challenge of free public information.

N.    Subscribe to the Freedom to Read statement prepared by the American Library Association.

O.    Promote a positive program of guidance to encourage use of educational, informational, and recreational materials such as displays, presentations, and other library activities.

P.     Serve all residents of the county.  Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status or age.

Q.    Services shall be limited with excessive demands of groups or individuals tend to curtail services to the general public.

IV.              Meeting Room

The need of a multi-purpose meeting room in the library is recognized by the trustees and staff for the purpose of civic, historic, cultural, educational, and other community service activities.

The room will be available on a reserved or first-come basis subject to the following conditions:

1.                  Priority to County groups or organizations.

2.                  Adult supervision for groups of minors.

3.                  Agreement by the user to indemnify the Clay Library Board of Trustees from any and all liability which may be imposed upon it for any injury to persons or property caused by the user or anyone in connection with the program.

4.                  To reimburse the Clay County Library Board for any property damage caused by the user or as a result of such usage.

5.                  Usage of the room by any group on a regular basis may be limited when excessive demands tend to curtail services to the general public.

6.                  Any group using the room must agree to clean the room and leave it in an orderly condition.

7.                  Alcoholic beverages or intoxicants are not allowed in meeting room.

8.                  Charges for the room will be as follows:

$10.00                        without refreshments being served

$15.00                        with use of kitchen facilities

$25.00                        for private parties

9.                  Organizations of groups using the room must sign the meeting room agreement form.


Meeting Room Agreement Form




Organization Name________________________________________________________

Type of Meeting__________________________________________________________
Approximate Number to Attend______________________________________________

Date(s) and Time of Meeting________________________________________________

            I, the undersigned representative (state office) ________________ of the above named organization, having read the meeting room rules as prescribed by the Trustees of the Clay Library Board, hereby agree to the conditions as prescribed in the policy and affix our signature.





________________________________________                                        ____________

Approved � Librarian                                                                                               Date


Method of payment:


$100 donation              ______

Charges per meeting ______

Other                           ______

V.                 Problem Patrons and Complaints

Believing that censorship is an individual matter, we reject the right of individuals to censor or restrict the right of others to read what they desire.

We defend the principles of the right to read and declare that whenever censorship is involved, we will remove no boo or material from the library save under the order of a court or competent jurisdiction.

The Library Board shall select two of its members to comprise a review committee, which will be available for the sole purpose of reviewing patron requests for review of materials or books or other complaints.

To register a request for review for removal of books to materials from the library, the patron must secure from the librarian or other staff member a Patron Request for Review form.  This request will be received and acted upon by the review committee and action can be expected in a reasonable time (i.e. two weeks more or less).

Clay County Public Library

614 Main Street

P.O. Box 60

Clay, WV  25043


Patron Review Request



Title of Book_____________________________________________________________

Author of Book___________________________________________________________

State specific chapters or pages which you find objectionable_______________________



Why do you find this objectionable?__________________________________________



Whom do you feel this will particularly offend?_________________________________


Can you suggest other books or materials dealing with the same subject which you feel would be a suitable alternative to this particular work?____________________________



Would you be available for a conference with the Review Committee of the Library Board should they feel such a meeting would be beneficial?________________________


___________________________________                          ________________________

Signature                                                                                  Date

VI.              Sunshine Law

Board meetings are open to the public.  Visitors are welcome.

VII.            Overdue Items 

Overdue items will be fined five (5) cents per day not to exceed $1.00 per book.  Limit $5.00.  Videocassettes and DVDs are 25 cents per day not to exceed $5.00 per movie.  All overdue items must be returned and all fines paid before a patron may check out another item.

VIII.         Interlibrary Loan

It is the policy of Clay County Library to offer an interlibrary loan service to its patrons.  For each interlibrary loan the following charges will be levied:

                                    For each item ordered �..$1.50

                                    For students�������50

IX.              Days and Hours of Library Operation


Tuesday through Friday       9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday                     9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Closed Sundays, Mondays and Holidays

i.e. minimum of 40 hours per week to qualify for state aid, 30 hours for an affiliate library

X.        Powers and Duties of Head Librarian

The powers and duties of the head librarian,  or a person designated by head librarian, shall be as follows:

1.                  To carry out the policies of the library as adopted by the board and to recommend needed policies.

2.                  To act as technical advisor to the board and to recommend employment of all personnel and supervise their work.

3.                  To suggest and carry out plans for extending services of the library.

4.                  To prepare regular reports detailing current progress and future needs of the library.

5.                  To maintain an active program of public relations.

6.                  To prepare an annual budget for the libraries in consultation with the board and to give a current report of actual expenditures against the budget at each meeting.

7.                  To know local and state laws and to actively support library legislation in the state and nation.

8.                  To select and order all books and other library materials according to library book selection policy.

9.                  To attend all board meetings and to serve as secretary if required, except meetings on tenure and salaries.

10.              To affiliate with state and professional organizations and to attend professional meetings and workshops.

11.              To make use of the services and consultants of the state library commission.

12.              To report regularly to the library board, to the officials of the local government and to the general public.

XI.              Responsibility

The head librarian, under the general direction of the board, shall be the sole administrator of the library and staff.

XII.            Personnel Policy

1.      Education: To qualify for state grants-in-aid, the library must be managed by a college graduate with some library training or experience.

2.      Salary � Trustee�s:  Trustees shall not be compensated for their duties, except for travel and then only as allowed by law.

3.      Salary � Librarian�s:  Employees of a State and its political subdivisions are excluded from coverage of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Therefore, employees of a library supported by state and local funds are not subject to federal minimum wage laws.  However, it shall be the policy of this board to pay at least minimum wage, except for part-time employees.

The head librarian is to be considered salaried personnel and his/her salary shall always be in excess of 15% of personnel under his/her supervision.

XIII.         Probation and Termination

The probation for librarian shall be three months.  Termination shall be by the Board when and if recommened by the head librarian or when a staff reduction must be made because of finances or other justifiable causes.

XIV.         Holidays

Paid holidays for librarians shall be as follows:

                        New Year�s Day

                        Martin Luther King Jr. Day

                        Presidents Day

                        Memorial Day

                        Labor Day

                        West Virginia Day

                        Independence Day

                        Veteran�s Day

                        Thanksgiving Day

                        Christmas Day


XV.           Annual Vacation

Each full-time Librarian shall receive 10 days paid annual vacation, not to be accumulated.

XVI.         Sick Leave

Each full time Librarian shall receive 10 days paid sick leave, which may be accumulated, not to exceed (30) thirty days.

XVII.      Volunteers

It is the policy of the Board to use volunteers whenever possible.  Volunteers will be under the direct supervision of the head librarian.

XVIII.    Revisions

This policy statement shall be reviewed each year at the annual meeting, and may be revised by a majority vote of the Board.




This policy adopted on_____________________________________________________









Clay County Library



I.             Meetings

The Library Board shall meet four times per year.  An annual meeting shall be held at the time of the regular quarterly meeting for the second quarter of the year at the Library.  Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or upon the written request of three members for the transaction of business stated in the call for the meeting.

II.         Officers

            Board officers shall be elected by ballot at its regular annual meeting and shall be as follows:  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

            The Board Chairman shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committees, certify all actions approved by the board, authorize calls for any special meetings, and generally perform the duties of a presiding officer.  When the Chairman is absent from a board meeting, the Vice-Chairman shall preside.

            The board Secretary shall keep a true and accurate account of all proceedings of the board meetings; issue notices of all regular meetings; and on the authorizations of the Chairman, of all special meetings; have custody of the minutes and they other records of the board; and notify the appointing body of any vacancies on the board.

            The Treasurer shall have charge of the library funds, shall sign checks on the accounts on the board�s authorization and report at each meeting on the state of funds.

III.            Committees

            Special committees for the study and investigation of special problems may be appointed by the Chairman to serve until the have completed the work for which tey were appointed.

IV.            Quorum

            A quorum for the transaction of business shall be a simple majority of the Board members.




V.            Librarian

The librarian is the board�s executive officer and shall have sole charge of administering the library under the board�s direction and review.  The librarian shall be held responsible for the care of the buildings and equipment, for employing and directing the staff, for the efficiency of the library�s service to the public, and for operating the library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget.  The librarian shall keep exact account of all monies received from fines and other sources and report the amount to the board at its regular meetings.  He/she shall attend all board meetings except those at which his/her appointment or salary is to be discussed or decided.

VI. Order of Business

The order of business at the regular meetings shall be as follows:

Roll Call

Approval of Pervious Meeting�s Minutes

Correspondence and Communications

Report of Librarian

Financial Report and Approval of Expenditures

Report of Standing Committees

Unfinished Business

New Business



VII.            Amendments

            These by-laws may be amended by three-fourths of the members present at any regular Board meeting that has a quorum, provided that the amendment was stated in the call for the meeting which was mailed to the members at least one week before the meeting.